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Internal DOR Research Grant

Process for Research Project Funding through DOR Academic Fund

  • Submit a completed Abstract of the Research Project and any ancillary information which you feel will be important in the review for funding approval. It will also be useful to provide an amount of funding being requested and the breakdown of the estimated expenses
  • Fill out the applicaiton form:
    Grant Application Form (PDF)
  • Submit to the DEC via Pam Moore

Submissions will be judged based on criteria outlined on form

Submissions will be judged by a Project review committee consisting of:

  1. Faculty Research Director
  2. Department Manager
  3. Radiologist (chosen by Faculty Research Director) who has insight into topic of Project, and not part of the submission

Committee recommendations will be reviewed by the DEC. The DEC will make a final decision and inform the applicant(s) at their earliest convenience