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Drs. Jabs & McCallum Endowment Research Grant

Queen’s Department of Diagnostic Radiology Jabs-McCallum Research Grant

That the Department of Diagnostic Radiology establish an annual research grant award of up to $8,000.

The successful applicant/s must meet the following criteria:

  1. Staff radiologist within the department must be the PI or Co-PI
  2.  Project must have a significant imaging component
  3.  Project must be completed in a time frame of 2 years or less (longer time frames may be considered). The grant money allocation is not renewable.
  4.  Project must be presented at annual department of radiology research day as plenary talk
  5.  Project should have pilot data for evaluation
  6.  The recipient(s) must provide a midterm progress report and final report.
  7.  All publications resulting from this grant must acknowledge this funding source.

The following criterion will be utilized to help determine the recipient of the award:

  1.  Innovative project advancing the field of imaging
  2.  High likelihood of publication
  3.  High likelihood of presentation
  4.  Major involvement of imaging resident/s
  5.  Application for matching funds thru other grant sources
  6.  Collaborative effort with further subspecialists

A research board composed of the Department Faculty research director, PGME director, project content expert (within or external to the department) and department manager will select the successful project(s). In evaluating projects with a conflict of interest to a research board member, that member will be excused.

The grant application deadline will be June 30 of each calendar year. The successful applicant will be advised by September of each calendar year.

The grant application will include:

  1.  Purpose of the study
  2.  Background on the significance with references
  3.  Proposed methodology
  4.  Expected starting date and expected completion date and timeline for:
    1.  development of ‘mock’ abstract
    2.  data collecting
    3.  data analysis
    4.  formal abstract composed with presentation site/s (Abstract not exceeding 1000 words, double spaced   including name of PI, Co-PI and residents if applicable).
    5.  completion of manuscript for submission
  5.  Budget breakdown - eligible budget cost may include:
    1.  salary of student/summer student
    2.  cost of epidemiologic/statistical support
    3.  departmental support expenses including imaging costs
    4.  materials related to research project
    5.  presentation costs (no more than 10% of budget)
  6.  Queen’s IRB approval has to be obtained for consideration.
  7.  Pilot data on project

The grant could potentially be split to support multiple projects depending on merit and proposed budgets.

Awarded grant will be issued in two halves: the first half will be provided at the beginning of the project and the second half will be provided after receipt of satisfactory midterm report.

The grant need not be awarded annually if there are no suitable projects meeting the above criteria. The grant monies will be held in the Department Academic Fund at KHSC.

Submit your completed grant application via email to the Faculty Research Director.

Research Grant Recipients


  • Dr. Jabs and McCallum 2022-23 Research Grant Recipient - Dr. Omar Islam


  • Dr. Jabs and McCallum 2021-22 Research Grant Recipient - Dr. Alexandre Menard and Dr. Benjamin Kwan