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Visiting Professorship Program

We are pleased to announce that the Department of Diagnostic Radiology has created a Global Health Program, to provide outreach Radiology expertise to various parts of the developing world. This will also serve to establish professional and personal linkages between Queen’s University Faculty of Health Sciences and select universities and hospitals around the world.

The Department will sponsor ONE international visiting professor for the Global Health Program each calendar year. These positions will be open to all Radiologists within the Department. The successful Radiologist will be chosen by the Global Health Lead, PGME Director and Faculty Research Director, after consultation with the host site Department Head.

Rules of Global Health Program

  1.  Applications will open every year for Professorships that are to be held the following year. The application form is intended to be brief, with an emphasis on the applicant’s teaching skills and experience. Preference will be given to applicants who have not been a Global Health Program professor in the past three years.
  2.  All applications will be reviewed by the Global Health Lead, PGME Director and Faculty Research Director, who will recommend a Radiologist to the Department Head for approval.
  3.  The host country/organization will be notified of the selection and will participate in the final decision. The host country/organization is offered this role in the decision-making process to avoid situations where the host might perceive they are being asked to host a professor they do not wish.
  4.  The duration of the professorship is 1 week (+ additional stay at the discretion of the Visiting Professor for personal activities). A longer stay may be arranged if agreeable by both the Department of Diagnostic Radiology and the host site.
  5.  The host site will provide meals and local transportation for the awarded Visiting Professor.
  6.  The Department will provide up to $4,000 (CAD) travel reimbursement and accommodation expense to each successful applicant upon receival of receipts, All other expenses will be the responsibility of the awarded Visiting Professor.
  7.  The Department will provide 1 week (5 days) of Academic Leave to each successful applicant.
  8.  The Visiting Professor will receive Queen’s Global Health Certificate of Completion of the professorship.
  9.  Upon completion of the program, the Global Health professor will be asked to write a one-page report summarizing his/her experience to be published in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Queen’s University Faculty of Health Sciences and Host Department websites and social media publications.

Application Form