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Radiologist Recognition Awards


2022 winners

  • Grand Round Attendance - Andrea Gallo
  • Dept Meeting Attendance - John Ricketts, Doris Jabs, Andrea Gallo, Johanna Ortiz
  • Outstanding Teacher Award - Alex Menard, Andrew Chung, Ian Silver, Frank Cheesman, Reza Nasirzadeh
  • Outstanding Department Advancement - Ian Silver
  • Outstanding Diagnostic Service - Alex Mendard
  • Outstanding Clinical Service - Rob Dhillon


2020 winners

  • Grand Round Attendance - Rob Dhillon
  • Dept Meeting Attendance - Emidio Tarulli, John Ricketts
  • Outstanding Teacher Award - Andrew Chung, Paul Fenton, Ben Kwan, Reza Nasirzadeh
  • Outstanding Department Advancement - Andrew Chung
  • Outstanding Diagnostic Service - Ben Mussari
  • Outstanding Clinical Service - Donatella Tampieri
  • Outstanding Locum Service - Kedar Patil


2019 winners

  • Outstanding Clinical Service
    Dr. Paul Fenton
    Selected by physicians outside DI to celebrate a Radiologist who has made a positive impact on patient care. Someone who strives to provide exceptional services and values the importance of teamwork and collaboration
  • Outstanding Teacher Award
    Dr. Danielle Rumbolt, Dr. Andrew Chung, Dr. Paul Fenton, Dr. Ian Silver And Dr. Justin Flood
    Five winners were selected by the Radiology Residents to celebrate Radiologists who have made positive impacts on resident learning and have a commitment to excellence in education. They are educators who motivate their learners, use creative ways to teach complex concepts, go beyond required teaching expectations and have a passion and commitment for helping residents succeed.
  • Outstanding Department Advancement
    Dr. Danielle Rumbolt
    Selected by department staff to celebrate a Radiologist who makes a positive impact on advancing the Department and shows a commitment to improving both the department and patient care.
  • Best Grand Rounds Attendance
    Dr. Giang Nguyen
    The recipient has a shown a commitment to the department and continued learning by attending the highest number of department grand rounds from Sep 18 to Jun 19
  • Best Department Meeting Attendance
    Dr. Frank Cheeseman, Dr. Doris Jabs And Dr. Ben Mussari
    The three winners of this award have shown commitment to the department by attending the highest number of department meetings from September 2018 to June 2019
  • Outstanding Diagnostic Service
    Dr. Donatella Tampieri
    Selected by the Radiologists to celebrate a Radiologist who has made a positive impact on patient care and has a record of exceptional diagnostic abilities paired with a passion for continual improvement.

Radiology Teaching Awards

2022 - Dr. Johanna Ortiz

2021 - Dr. Ben Mussari

2020 - Dr. Charles Scott

2019 - Dr. Reza Nasirzadeh

2018 - Dr. Justin Flood

Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME) Faculty Awards


CBME Coach of the Year Award – Dr. Andrew Chung

CBME Faculty Commitment Award – Dr. Benjamin Kwan

CBME Faculty Advocate Award – Dr. Rob Dhillon

Radiology Resident Recognition Awards


  • Best Resident Grand Round Award  - Dr. Joel Kosowan
  • Resident Teaching Award - Dr. Cyrus Thomas

Radiology Resident Research Awards


  • Dr. Arvin Haghighat


  • Dr. Tin Li


RSNA Resident Award Recipient


  • Dr. Brendan Phillips


  • Dr. Tin Li


  • Dr. Sana Basseri