Department of Radiology
School of Medicine Queen's University

No Scent Policy

The following is a Kingston General Hospital Policy:


Due to health concerns arising from exposure to scented products, the organization has instituted a scent-free policy in an effort to provide a healthy and safe working, learning, teaching, and caring environment for staff, students, patients, and visitors alike. 

We care for and work with many individuals with life long illnesses who can experience significant negative health effects when exposed to fragranced products. We will endeavour to accommodate the health needs of scent-sensitive individuals in our environment.


All persons who work in, attend as patients of, or visit Kingston General Hospital, have an obligation to help maintain a scent-free environment.



  1. All staff, patients, and visitors will: Refrain from wearing cologne, perfume, scented personal care products such as body lotions, sprays, and powders, scented deodorant and hair care products, and aftershave lotions;  avoid bringing in scented flowers including but not limited to: Freesias, Lilacs, lavenders, lilies (including day, tiger, Easter Lilies, lily of the valley, and star gazers), Hyacinth and Peonies; refrain from bringing scented air fresheners or personal hand lotions from home. Fragrance –free hand lotions are available at the hospital.
  2. Staff will advise all persons entering the hospital about the scent-free policy and educate all persons entering the facility about the health effects of scented products.
  3. Patients who are wearing scented products may be asked to wash and/or change their clothing.
  4. Visitors who wear scented products will be asked to leave. Security will be involved as needed. 
  5. Staff who are wearing scented products may be asked to leave the area, wash, and/or change their clothing. 
  6. Staff who show disregard for the scent-free policy will face appropriate disciplinary action.
  7. Suppliers will be notified of our policy and our mandate to purchase scent free products wherever possible.
  8. The public will be advised of our policy through the media, and other venues such as appointment requisitions, and scent free signage posted throughout the hospital.