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Remote Access to Citric

Enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication before May 3

As outlined in the last issue of the KHSC Now newsletter (read here) the IM department will be introducing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) starting on May 3 to improve the security of KHSC’s digital systems. Some physicians and resident have already enrolled for ConnectingOntario.  If you haven’t enrolled, everyone will need to….. in order to log in remotely.  This will impact all of you!

MFA requires users, in addition to their username, to have two pieces of information (KHSC network password and a unique six-digit pass code) to remotely access hospital resources through Citrix. The MFA app, which provides the six-digit passcode, can be downloaded on your phone, tablet or computer.

 If you are not enrolled in MFA by May 3 you will lose remote access to Citrix services, including PCS, when accessed from a non-KHSC secured network (i.e. from home or at Queen’s).MFA will be rolled out to KHSC’s other web-based platforms such as Webmail in June.

 If you do not currently use Remote Citrix as part of your role with KHSC, you do not need to download the MFA app at this time.

If you have already downloaded the MFA app to access ConnectingOntario, you do not need to download it again.

   How do I enroll in MFA? 

  • Learn how to download the app on your mobile device or laptop  - see attached :

 Where can I find more information? 

  • For more information about the IT infrastructure project, please visit our intranet homepage:

 Who can I contact if I have questions?