Department of Radiology
School of Medicine Queen's University

Physics Courses

Physics courses are offered by different institutions every year.  The Administrative Assistant typically receives the information from these parties, via email, and forwards these emails to the residents as they are received.  It is the resident’s responsibility to choose which courses they wish to attend, if any, register, arrange travel, accommodation, etc.   Residents are eligible for reimbursement for registration, travel and accommodation for a total of three physics courses.  The departmental policy is that no course can be repeated, but the Huda physics course is an exception (as per STC June 11, 2014).  Please ask the Administrative Assistant for the amount provided per course, as this is subject to change.  You must complete and submit all original receipts (you must include boarding passes for flights) to the Administrative Assistant for reimbursement.  A travel claim will be prepared for the resident to sign and submit to Queen's University Financial Services.  You are not required to take vacation time.