Department of Radiology
School of Medicine Queen's University

On Call Information Regarding Ultrasound




  • Patient name and CR #
  • Patient location
  • Examination requested
  • Requisition sent

 NOTIFY ultrasound technologist ASAP (phone or leave a note in the ultrasound office).  The sooner the request is known, the sooner the exam can be completed.


  1. Cases to be done the following day –  PLEASE DO NOT GIVE APPOINTMENT TIMES TO ER OR TO THE PATIENT :
    •  Weekdays – bookings clerk available – Have requisition sent and prioritize for the      bookings person.
    • Weekends – Leave a handover note for the technologist (with the needed information from above) letting the services know if there is no requisition the ultrasound cannot be done.
  1. Urgent Scans:
    •  Room 4 is always unlocked.
    • If patient ordered and accessioned, use scheduler (if not ordered manually, input patients name, DOB, and CR#).
    • When examination is completed, fill out the downtime sheets and leave at the front desk.
    • Endocavitary probes are in the room opposite # 4.
    • Always SHUT DOWN machines, not Standby.

 If you have any questions regarding the ultrasound machines, protocols, etc., please just ask any of the sonographers.