Department of Radiology
School of Medicine Queen's University

On Call MRI Checklist

Checklist before contacting the MRI technologist on-call

All on-call MRI studies will require either a house staff from the ordering service or a nurse, if medically needed, to be present for the study to be performed.

  1. Do you have a properly filled out and coded requisition?
  2. Is the patient location clearly identified on the requisition?
  3. Is the patient intubated? If yes, has a Respiratory Technologist been contacted and available to accompany the patient?
  4. Does the patient require a nurse to be present with them?  If yes, has this been arranged?
  5. Does the patient require orbit x-rays? If not, have orbit films been ordered and reviewed, or alternatively review of a recent CT Head scan? 
  6. Does the patient have any metal implants? If yes, the service needs to provide the type, location, manufacturer, and age of the implant. If this information is not available the study will not be performed.
  7. Is the patient competent to be screened? If not, is there a “Power of Attorney” or substitute decision maker that can answer the screening questions?
  8. Is the patient capable of holding still for the entire MRI scan? If not, has adequate sedation been arranged?