Department of Radiology
School of Medicine Queen's University

Residents' Library Collection

All CDs and certain books will remain in the Educational Secretary’s office.  These are to be signed out with him/her.

  • Keypad combination on library and computer room is for Radiology use only and must not be given to others
  • ACR teaching files and CDs may be signed out by housestaff or medical students provided established guidelines are followed (see Educational Assistant).
  • CD, DVD and book loan period is four weeks maximum.  Books are to be used by Radiology personnel only.  Out of courtesy to fellow residents, it is highly recommended that books be returned promptly to allow someone else on a similar rotation to sign them out.
  • When returning an item to the library, it should be given to the Educational Assistant for sign in and reshelving. 
  • Books are not to be transferred from one resident to another without proper sign in/sign out procedures being followed.
  • Like any library, if you lose any items, you are required to replace them.