Department of Radiology
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Terms of Reference

Queens Radiology Program Journal Club

Terms of Reference

Objective:                       To encourage and incorporate critical thinking skills in the evaluation of                                                   radiology literature.

Process:                         To read, present and critically evaluate selected journal articles­­.

Articles:                          One article to be provided by the selected radiologist. The Program will
                                       distribute the article, and any supplemental material provided, to the

Frequency:                     Two times per academic year, from September to March.

Staff Selection:               To be selected by the Program on a rotating schedule

Resident Selection:        To be selected by the Program, on a rotating schedule, and to be assigned

                                       the following sections of the article to be critically evaluated (see below). 
                                       Alternatively, the assigned radiologist can determine the selection of                                                      residents and sections to be evaluated.

                                                           a)    Introduction / Background

                                                           b)    Patients and Method

                                                           c)     Results

                                                          d)    Discussion / Conclusion

                                     The Program will provide the residents material to assist them in the critical                                            evaluation process.         

                                     Resident attendance is mandatory, and will be recorded.

 Venue:                         KGH Conference Room

                                    Tuesdays at 12:00 pm

Funding:                      The Program will provide food and non-alcoholic beverages for the rounds.