Department of Radiology
School of Medicine Queen's University

Hospital for Sick Children

  • A three (3) block mandatory Pediatric Radiology rotation at the Hospital for Sick Children (HSC) is scheduled in the PGY-4 year.
  • Accommodation is provided by the Faculty of Health leased condominium, which is conveniently located near Hospital for Sick Children.  The Regional Education Office at FHS will contact the resident, via email, regarding the booking of this condo.  If it is not available, the resident then arranges their own accommodation, and receives reimbursement for this. Please see the Administrative Assistant regarding the amount of funding, as this is subject to change. The resident is responsible for submitting a Queen’s University Financial Services travel claim, with all original receipts attached, to the Administrative Assistant, for any travel or accommodation expenses, immediately upon their return from the rotation (as per Queen's policy for travel).  Here is the link to the Queen's website, please click on "travel expense/advance form," complete the form, print it, sign it and bring it to the administrative assistant for approval and submission:

  • Regarding the call schedule while at HSC, your contact information is provided to HSC by the Administrative Assistant.  HSC will then contact the resident with further information, but the resident must complete the University of Toronto registration process, which can be found here: This is the resident's responsiblity. 
  • Residents’ on-call stipends, while at HSC, continue to be submitted to KGH, via the Chief Resident.

  • Vacation is allowed during these three blocks.  You are also allowed to book off additional time to attend educational events,  ie: a Visiting Professor in Kingston, a review course, exams, etc. Requests for time off during the Pediatric rotation will be requested in advance and submitted to the coordinator in Diagnostic Imaging at the Hospital for Sick Children.  Please ask the Administrative Assistant for the contact information, as this is subject to change.