Department of Radiology
School of Medicine Queen's University

Accessing the ViewPoint Teaching Files


  1. Log on to ViewPoint - obtain username/password from Liz Benoit (ext 2876) or Doug Parfett (ext 6256)

 Click on second door from right (picture of chairs and bar graph)

 Click on interested abnormality from list on left

 Click on “Run Query”

 Click “Run”

 Enter date in format: yyyy/mm/dd

 A list of cases that match that search will appear. If there are no cases listed then either your date choice is too narrow or we do not have any cases in that anomaly teaching file.

 Double click on the patient’s name. This will take you to the list of the patient’s exams. The stated anomaly may be in any one of the patient’s exams in that list. Click on “Report Summary” on bottom line and this will take you to reporting physician’s comments and you can then easily see whether that report contains the anomaly of interest. To see the whole report press F5.

 The patient may have had more than one pregnancy recorded in the FAU. To switch between pregnancies look in box in top left for dates of the various pregnancies.

 Any questions: email Dr. Davies at