Department of Radiology
School of Medicine Queen's University

Educational Activities

The academic program involves many formal and informal rounds, some of which are interdepartmental rounds. Many of the rounds are organized and conducted by the trainees themselves. Others are conducted by the faculty. Trainees are expected to attend the rounds of other departments which are pertinent to their current rotation.

A comprehensive core curriculum has been developed. This is intended to provide a sense of direction to the program. The emphasis is on anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, classification and staging of diseases. The cycle requires approximately two years to complete.

A variety of seminars are offered during the four year training program. These include medical ethics, physics, contrast media, research methodology, quality assurance, hospital administration. The department has an active Visiting Professor program consisting of three two day visits during each academic year.

The program is successful in acquiring positions each year to enable resident attendance at the four week Radiologic-Pathology Course at the American Institute for Radiologic Pathology in Washington, D.C. This represents the most comprehensive short course curriculum in the world.